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Mechanical Engineer - Tier I

May 12, 2022

Primary responsibilities of this position include introduction to complex mechanical designs of automated solutions from single and multiple assembly station applications to full turnkey assembly cells that provide full quality management. This position will work closely with Tier II and Senior Engineers and be guided to assure success of design concepts and complete integration of the designs

Electrical Engineering Supervisor

May 12, 2022

This position is responsible for staffing the Electrical Engineering Group to effectively respond to the projected workload by assuring they are properly trained utilizing the inherent advantages of Baan operating system, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office and the requisite machine control software. The position requires advanced knowledge and experience in complex electrical and pneumatic controls design analysis and design of complex machine control software. The position will work with other departments in achieving cost and delivery expectations.

Field Service Tech

Dec 02, 2021

This position is responsible to assure satisfactory equipment installation and operation according to customer orders.