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Electrical Engineering Supervisor

May 12, 2022

Essential Job Functions (fundamental job duties):

  • · Staffs the Electrical Engineering Group to effectively respond to projected workload
  • · Reviews personnel performance and recommends appropriate changes of status
  • · Assigns project responsibility based on personnel capability and past performance
  • · Directs efforts to assure that the most cost-effective designs commensurate with quality, performance, R&M, safety and delivery requirements.
  • · Researches latest controls market offers to assure that our Automation equipment utilizes the leading edge of controls technology
  • · Recommends vendor selection based on quality, performance, cost and delivery
  • · Assures complete records of engineering activities and machine project requirements are maintained
  • · Administration of the Electrical Engineering R&D function; i.e. budget, qualified personnel, cost of project, records and performance documentation.
  • · Perform all functions of a Senior Electrical Engineer
  • · Ability to perform complete machine control systems designs
  • · Ability to perform complete machine control software designs
  • · Ability to ensure complete integration of all facets of controls design
  • · Ability to lead the controls group and promote ownership and performance to defined targets
  • · Ability to apply a cost conscious approach to systems designs and ensure quality designs are provided that strive to minimize complexity
  • · Ability to use good verbal and written communication skills with customers, vendors and other departments
  • · Ability to perform Control Project Management responsibilities
  • · Ability to maintain Project schedules and performance to targets
  • · Ability to demonstrate innovative thinking and promotion of new design practices
  • · Ability to and be proficient in all technical writing (procedures, status reports, manuals, etc.)

Marginal Job Functions (non-fundamental job duties):

  • Provides assistance to Proposals to assure accuracy and timeliness on quoted concepts and cost for controls quotations
  • Support brainstorming and development of the automation proposal process
  • Travel as required

Education (What is the minimum education level necessary to complete the essential functions of the position?)

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Experience (What are the minimum years experience necessary to complete the essential functions of the position?)

  • 5+ Years in a manufacturing/machine design environment including management duties

Mandatory Qualification Requirements (What are the mandatory qualification requirements for the position?)

  • Must be computer literate with advanced knowledge of AutoCAD and a working knowledge in Microsoft Office
  • Must have an advanced knowledge of PLC programming/software and a basic knowledge computer languages/software , function chart programming, HMI software, R&M plans and CE requirements
  • Blueprint reading and interpretation
  • Knowledge of NFPA Standards, ISO 9000 requirements, and Quality System requirements is a plus
  • Must possess strong inter-personal, leadership, and organizational skills

Non-mandatory Qualification Requirements(Not absolutely required, but will enhance applicant/employee chances for success.)

  • Training in Team Building, Time Management, Project Management and Value Engineering, ISO requirements