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LP Pneumatic Series Actuators

Rotac® Hyd-ro-ac® LP Series rotary actuators provide the muscle for countless applications involving lifting, turning, indexing, opening, closing, clamping, mixing, bending, testing, steering, and more.

Available in 4 standard sizes, our low-pressure pneumatic LP actuators are economical and compact – as light as 10 oz. They provide up to 450 in/lbs of torque at 150 psi operating pressure.

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  • Design considerations should be made to limit the axial and radial loading applied to the actuator. Contact factory if axial and/or radial loading must be applied to the actuator. Unapproved axial and/or radial loading will void the actuator’s warranty.
  • External stops must be used to limit shaft rotation for most applications. Using the actuators internal components as rotational stops will cause damage and void the actuators warranty.
  • All LP models are designed to operate on dry, non-lubricated air. Consult factory for specific recommendations.

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