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SCOOP A010050


Built with reliable Rotac® brand rotary vane actuators, Rotac® Tippers offer:

  • The most torque and lift per hydraulic input pressure of any tipper on the market today
  • The same speed and dependability that is associated with Rotac® Actuators
  • For use with some commercial kick-bar setups
  • Rotac®Actuators feature only ONE MOVING PART
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

ROTAC® Single SCOOP Tipper

ROTAC® Dual SCOOP Tipper

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  • LIFTS 800 LBS AT 3000 PSI - Industry leading 27,000 in/lbs torque at 3000 psi
  • SLIM PROFILE DESIGN - Tipper tucks away to accommodate kick-bar setups for dual commercial & residential routes
  • CART ENGAGEMENT - Scooping motion of cart tipper ensures consistent cart engagement on un-even terrain
  • CART COMPATIBILITY - Designed for carts with US 2-Bar; ANSI Z245.60-2008, Type B Domestic Carts
  • MOUNTING VERSATILITY - Allows for a range of mounting heights from 38- 41” to accommodate a variety of truck chassis heights
  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY - Scoop design features Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Durable Powder Coat Finish and External Up/Down Stops
  • LOW MAINTENANCE DESIGN - Self-lubricating nickel-plated pivots inside bronze bushings with external grease points help to extend life
  • ROTARY VANE ACTUATOR - Forged alloy shaft with durable 2” spline and cast-iron housing offer maximum lifting torque
  • MADE IN THE USA - Manufactured, assembled and tested in BERNE, INDIANA